The Tap Eagle Five

The Tap Eagle Five

Tonight I went for a run, my first since having the flu. My time was decent, but my lungs were PISSED OFF afterward. Nothing a couple of post-run Notch Session Pils couldn’t fix! Now I’m cracking open a “work” beer for review – The Tap’s Eagle Five.

For those of you who were not children of the 80s, this schwarzbier is a tribute to the 1987 Mel Brooks movie “Spaceballs”. In a ridiculous 80s parody way, this is a hilarious movie. Below is the movie poster, the starship Winnebago “Eagle Five” that the characters travel around in, and a clip with reference to “the Schwartz”. Good stuff…



Eagle Five (the beer) brings a lot more class to the table than it’s name sake Winnebago. It’s a very dark beer that poured with a small head. It smells and tastes thoroughly smoky. Floral hops are in play, but are muted out by the intense smoked malt flavors. Although I’m not a fan of the liquor, it reminds me of one of those scotches that taste like you’re chewing on a cigar. Although this isn’t my cup of tea, I know a lot of you out there will dig this, so if smoke with some hops sounds like your bag, here’s your beer!


The Tap Eagle Five

Author: Joshua Dion

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