Kona Big Wave

Kona Big Wave

In exactly two weeks my wife and I will be landing in Hawaii and kicking off an epic 10 day vacation. We’re visiting Oahu for five days and Maui for another five. In Oahu the main attractions are Pearl Harbor (duh) and a slew of Honolulu restaurants with great vegan options. In Maui we’ll be taking a helicopter tour, snorkeling and going to a vegan Luau. We booked this trip nearly six months ago, so we’re excited that it’s finally upon us.

In honor of said trip, tonight I’m posting a review of Kona Big Wave, a 4.4% blonde ale. I reviewed the beer with friend and Ecolissa model Michelle, as well as her new boyfriend Kelsey.

Michelle wasn’t a huge fan of the beer, saying it tasted like “warm piss”. When we broke the news to her that the beer isn’t brewed in Hawaii, but rather New Hampshire, her dislike of the beer only grew more, claiming “I got farsed!” Michelle makes up her own words sometimes.

Both Kelsey and I were “meh” about this brew. Despite a strong and delicious citrus/floral aroma, the flavors are too light and the beer comes across as watery. Probably good for a beach day I suppose…


Kona Big Wave

Author: Joshua Dion

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