Mystic Mary of the Gael

Mystic Mary of the Gael

If you’re keeping up with me, you know that I’ve had horrific performance problems with the website. I believe that I have the great majority of those issues worked out (thank God). Now I’m on to my other new issue: website hits. In the last 3 months, my visitor count has dramatically decreased. I mean…like 66% drop-off. What. The. Fudge?

Around the time the drop-off happened, I actually started doing something different with my posts (adding meta info). I previously did not do so, and I thought it would help my horrific click-through rate for Google searches. Is it possible that by adding meta descriptions I have actually caused a negative turn in Google hits???

If the downward trend continues for the summer, I’ll have no choice but to seek professional help. After I’m done with said therapist, I’ll go in search of paid SEO help too. If any of my readers are SEO masters and would like to help, please let me know!

*cue massive amounts of SPAM mail from companies that provide SEO analysis*

Mystic Mary of the Gael

Mystic Mary of the Gael

But I can just sit here wondering if more than four people will read this post, so I’m on to tonight’s beverage of choice: Mystic Mary of the Gael. This beer is a spring saison registering at 6.7% ABV. Thank God it’s not higher; I haven’t had dinner yet!

Note that the bottle is marked “batch number 001” in black handwritten marker. Very cool. I always wonder if I should be keeping these bottles. In 100 years, the crap you just throw away now will be the most valuable collectables. Alas, I have no room for a collection of #001 bottles anyway.

I digress. Back in beerville, the Mary of the Gael is quite tasty. Recall that I’m not a huge fan of peppery saisons – this beer has none of that peppery crap. Instead, it brings a heavy Belgiany spice mixed with coriander. Also present are strong citrus notes. If you fear “the bitter”, this might be the brew for you; very little hop action.

In closing, I’d like to warn you about the ridiculous head on Mary. Watch out or she’ll overflow on ya!


Mystic Mary of the Gael

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