Prefunc Hangover Drink + Giveaway

Prefunc It’s been a loooong time since I went out with the expressed goal of getting as drunk as possible. However, thanks to the nice people at Prefunc hangover drink, last night was my best attempt to recapture those long-ago college days of benders and hangovers.

First, some background. A few weeks ago Prefunc’s PR people contacted Josh with an offer for free samples of their hangover prevention drink in exchange for a LIBA review. Since he’s awesome and likes to spread the swag love, he asked Prefunc to send two samples to me – one for my review and one to use in a LIBA giveaway.

Prefunc’s samples arrived late this week, just in time for a long-planned outing to a local Medieval Madness with our favorite couple friends, with whom evenings out always result in painful hangovers. All four of us followed instructions and chugged one shot of Prefunc apiece before we started drinking.

Let’s be clear on one thing – Prefunc does not taste good. It’s a mix of many herbal ingredients, and it tastes the part. Reactions varied from cough syrup to bad ginger beer, but whatever it’s just a 2-ounce shot and the taste doesn’t linger. And then we started partying.

I had three bottles of Port City Brewery’s Monumental IPA at home, while everyone else either had sparking wine or beer. We then walked over to watch knights fight and get served beer by wenches, and I added two bottles of Fuller’s Bengal Lancer IPA, and two mugs full of some medieval-era recipe wheat beer. After the show, we returned to my house for a nightcap, and I added two big tumblers of bourbon.

These dudes literally fought with swords in front of me.
Medieval Madness!

Documenting my excessive drinking reveals two things – first, binge drinking FTW! Second, I think Prefunc actually¬†helped me drink more. I’m typically a couple of drinks and pass out kind of guy, but I was putting them away with ease and stayed up way later than usual.

The moment of truth came this morning – no hangover at all! In fact, I still felt a little drunk when I first woke up, but no headache or nauseousness. Same thing goes for wifey and our two friends – no hangover symptoms for anyone in our party.

So, LIBA readers, who wants this magical elixir? Post a comment below, and I’ll choose one lucky reader at random to receive the second six-pack of Prefunc. Winner will be announced next Saturday.

Author: Silvio

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