Rising Tide Spinnaker

Rising Tide Spinnaker

Today’s beer review is Rising Tide Spinnaker. I picked this bottle up while in Portland a couple of weekends ago. I love almost all the beers that Rising Tide have done, especially Zephyr.

The Spinnaker is a very drinkable 4.5% ABV hefeweizen. It pours a light, but cloudy dirty blonde color…virtually no head. It’s quite effervescent *hic*. It’s been ages since my last hefeweizen review and I’m sad I haven’t come back to the style sooner; it’s perfect for these muggy early summer days we have been having in New England.

As for flavors, the Spinnaker brings a ton of action: citrus, spice, bready notes and a hint of banana just to name a few. It’s one of the more complex hefes I can recall having.

And it’s damn tasty! Thanks again Rising Tide.


Rising Tide Spinnaker

Author: Joshua Dion

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