Six Point Apollo

Six Point Apollo

Given that I’m in my 5th year of reviewing beer it’s a rare occurrence to find a new beer style that I haven’t tried at least once. This past weekend I stumbled upon, by complete accident, the Kristalweizen style of beer. Kristalweizen is simply a white beer that has been filtered to remove the yeast before bottling.

Six Point Apollo

I discovered the style when I picked up a tall-boy of Six Point Apollo. Apollo had been on my “to-try” list for a while, as I love almost everything from Six Point. It actually wasn’t until I sat down right now to write the review that I realized it was a new style of beer!

Apollo is 5.2% ABV. It has a belgiany-spice smell to it, which carries through in the flavor also. Much more prominent is the tartness in the beer. Friends Michelle and Kelsey whom I was sharing the beer with were not big fans. In fact, Michelle said she was suffering from “bitter beer face” (see image below). I tried to explain to her that it as more likely “sour beer face”.

Although my counterparts were not fans, I could appreciate it, probably because I’ve become accustomed to trying sour/tart beer. If you like tart beer, I do recommend you give this one a go.



Author: Joshua Dion

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