Stillwater Existent

Stillwater Existent

Tonight is Bruins Game 7 versus the Toronto Maple Leafs. I don’t have high hopes for the game, as the Bruins have suuuuucked the last two games. I figured I would bang out a quick review out before the game started and I got too distracted.

Last week I talked about sharing some beer with friends Adam and Elina. In the same sitting I also tried a bottle of Stillwater Existent. The 7.4% ABV brew, which is a saison style beer, is a complete enigma to me. It pours a dark brown color, which is completely atypical for the style. Further confusing the situation, I could detect none of the flavors I would expect with a beer of this color – no dark malts, no roasted flavor, nothing.

Neither Adam nor I thought it was all that great. Not bad, just “meh”. Bonus points for being a unique one though!


Author: Joshua Dion

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