Widmer Brothers Hopside Down IPA

Widmer Hopside Down bottle

Wifey’s visiting family this weekend, so I’m in full guy-weekend mode. That means not shaving, lounging around in my pjs, doing yard work, catching up on DVR, and checking out the new Star Trek flick with friends tonight. I know, quite the raging good time.

I’ve got some time before heading out for the movie, so I’m pre-gaming with Widmer Brothers’ Hopside Down IPA. It’s the second release in their 2013 Rotator IPA series, and is available from April to September of this year. It pours out a crystal-clear golden color, with just a touch of light foam, and the aroma has lots of floral notes.

Widmer Hopside Down glass

This is definitely more of a stanky-tasting hoppy brew than any other kind of IPA. The first sip is very crisp and dry, full of pine notes and a lot of bitterness. I didn’t get much in the way of malts, but the piney notes transition into an indistinct citrus through the middle. Hopside Down finishes with a long bitter note, but without the heavy mouthfeel of many stanky IPAs.

Widmer Hopside Down bottle and glass

Overall, this is a pretty good brew, and ideal for the hot summer months. The 6.7% ABV and crispness means it won’t be too heavy for a barbecue, and it’s got just enough hops punch to remind you Hopside is an IPA and not a pale ale.

Author: Silvio

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