Grateful Hands Retro IPA

Grateful Hands Retro IPA

Why are my ankles so tasty?

You’re probably thinking to yourself “wow, he’s finally lost it” or possibly “I want some of what he’s drinking”. No folks, I’m neither [officially] insane, nor am I even buzzed. I’m sitting outside on the patio again and the mosquitos are coming for me; one of the little bastards bit me twice on the ankle. In fact, I’d say 90% of the bug bites I get are on my ankles. They are clearly quite tasty. I’ll just rub some dirt on the bites…dirt and delicious beer.

Bug Bites
Son of a bitch that itches!

Tonight’s delicious beer is Grateful Hands Retro IPA. Grateful Hands is a relatively new brewery out of Cabot, VT. Cabot is in the middle of nowhere, or “East Bumfuck” as you might say. Cabot is only two towns away from where I grew up (West Bumfuck). Fun fact: Cabot was our high school sports rival, but we always kicked their ass. Suck it Cabot.

Unlike their lousy high school sports program, this Cabot-based beer is impressing me. I wasn’t expecting much, given that the brewery is new and I know nothing about its founders yet. However, this IPA is skillfully done. It’s quite hoppy with mainly citrus and floral notes. Big grapefruit flavors stick out the most.

At first, the flavors were too intense, but as I plow through the brew I’m enjoying it more. The 6.8% ABV might be helping the situation. All-in-all, it’s a solid IPA with some interesting character.

Note: This is the first of about two dozen review beers that my mom hooked me up with this past weekend. She hooked me up with so many beers, that I wasn’t even able to get a decent picture of them all together! Thanks Moms.


Grateful Hands Retro IPA

Author: Joshua Dion

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