Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster

Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster bottle

Well folks, another week has passed us by and I once again find myself sitting in front of my computer, trying to come up with a lede for my beer review. Guess I just found one!

A run to the beer store today resulted in a bunch of new brews for review, but I’m most excited about Great Lakes Brewing’s Lake Erie Monster. This brewery always finds a way to tie their beers to a local story, and this one’s named after South Bay Bessie, the monster that’s supposed to live in the depths of Lake Erie.

Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster glass

I’m not sure about a monster living off the shores of Cleveland, but this beer definitely packs a monstrous one-two punch of hops and high alcohol content, weighing in at a fearsome 9.1% ABV. Wifey and I are headed out for dinner in a few hours, so I’m only allowed one (something about me always being hammered at dinner after I review beers) but I’m totally enjoying this brew.

The Monster pours out a clear orange-golden hue, with a nice little foam crown rising up from a constant stream of tiny bubbles, and nice citrus hops notes on the aroma.

This brew is surprisingly smooth for such a high alcohol level. It starts out with lots of bitter hoppiness, but quickly transitions into a nice mix of citrus and pine notes through the middle before ending on a bit of a sweet malted bread note. It’s a complex mix of flavors but it works incredibly well, taking you in three really strong but really distinct directions.

Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster glass and bottle

┬áThere’s a good bit of mouthfeel here, but the beer is overall eminently drinkable, making it a dangerous option if you’ve got to be somewhere public afterward, like me tonight. All in all, another excellent offering from the folks at Great Lakes.

Before I go, I wanted to give Josh a shout-out for hooking me up with super-sweet LIBA business cards, classy card case, and big baller title. Now I just need to start handing these babies out and watch all the swag come rolling in!

LIBA business cards

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