Green Flash Rayon Vert

Rayon Vert bottle

Last week I was visiting family and friends in New Jersey, so while I was unfortunately unable to squeeze in a review, I was able to pick up the beer I’m reviewing this weekend – Green Flash’s Rayon Vert.

One of my stops along the way was lunch with my friend Jim, who unbeknownst to me is a dedicated LIBA reader. We met at a seriously authentic sichuan Chinese restaurant that allows diners to bring in their own beer, and Jim surprised me with a mixed four pack of awesome beers. Since I had to drive back to DC, we split two, and he sent me on my way with the remaining two brews.

Rayon Vert glass

Jim and I split a Rayon Vert at lunch, and I knew I was going to save the second one for review. Rayon is a Belgian pale ale, and it pours out a cloudy dark orange color, with a huge frothy white foam crown that leaves lots of lacing as it’s drunk down. There’s a ton of competing aromas here with hints of orange zest, sweet malts, and some grassiness.

Tastewise, this is a bold beer. The first sip is like an orange zest explosion with a yeast chaser. It gets a little bitter through the middle with some tropical fruit notes, and ends with sweet malts and spicy grass flavors. The endnote doesn’t really stick around long, and the mouthfeel is light and crisp. Rayon checks in at a respectable  7% ABV, and it goes down smooth.

Rayon Vert glass and bottle

Overall, this is a very good, very unique beer. I haven’t seen this brew on the shelves before, but I’ll definitely pick it up if I see it in the future. And big shout out to Jim for hooking me up!

Author: Silvio

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