Maui CoCoNut Porter

Maui CoCoNut Porter

Although we returned from Hawaii close to a week ago, I’m only now getting to posting about our vacation. Over the next few posts I’ll share just a fraction of the pictures I took.

I brought home some Maui Brewing beer, which will be reviewed as I share the pictures.

Maui CoCoNut Porter (2)

Tonight I’m drinking one of the better beers: Maui CoCoNut Porter. I heard about this beer from my buddy Norm, who endlessly fantasizes about coconut flavored beer. I brought back a 4-pack for the poor sap. In fact, I brought back a whopping 16 beers in my checked luggage and still managed to avoid any overweight charges; I packed light on the trip out, knowing that I would be bringing beer back.

You’re welcome Norm.

Maui CoCoNut Porter

The CoCoNut Porter is shockingly coconutty. It truly tastes just like toasted coconut. There’s a mix of roasted malt flavor too. There really isn’t much more to the brew. Smooth, sweet, coconutty and delicious. The only weird thing is drinking this stuff on the beach in Maui…not exactly a summery/beach beer.

Pineapples at the Dole Plantation (Oahu)
Pineapples at the Dole Plantation (Oahu)

Our first stop in Hawaii was Oahu for 5 days. We stayed on Waikiki beach. One of our first trips away from the beach was to the Dole Plantation. They have a TON of different varieties of pineapple.

And I thought there was only one kind of pineapple!!!

Melissa enjoying a coconut from a road-side stand.  North Shore (Oahu).
Melissa enjoying a coconut from a road-side stand. North Shore (Oahu).

After the Dole Plantation, my wife and I took a drive along the north shore of Oahu. This part of the island is completely different from the hustle & bustle of Honolulu and Waikiki beach. The drive takes you along the northern shore of the island, which is lush and green. Along the way we stopped at sparse beaches and random roadside food stands.

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor

On another day we hit up Pearl Harbor. I’m a huge World War 2 buff and I was truly blown away as I visited this historic site.

Pearl Harbor - USS Arizona

The USS Arizona was the pinnacle of Pearl Harbor. The site of the ship, laying only a few feet under water was awe-inspiring and frankly quite emotional. 1177 officers and crewmen lost their lives as the ship sunk on December 7, 1941 and the ship serves as a tomb.

Pearl Harbor - USS Missouri

We also boarded and toured the USS Missouri. This world war 2 era battleship served until the late 1980s. Most interesting to me was getting pictures of the exact spot where the Japanese signed their surrender in 1945.

Pearl Harbor - USS Missouri
Pearl Harbor – USS Missouri

The USS Bowfin was the other major attraction in Pearl Harbor. Visitors get to board this World War 2 era submarine and tour the entirety of it. I had never been on a sub before and I got a great feel for what life was like on these tin cans. The space inside (or lack thereof) was mind-boggling.

Tune in to my next post for more about our trip to Hawaii!


Pearl Harbor - USS Bowfin
Pearl Harbor – USS Bowfin

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