Rising Tide Calvera

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Tonight you get a review from the esteemed Chad, author of If My Beer Coaster Could Talk and beer blogger for the Bangor Daily News. Take it away Chad…

Rising Tide Calvera

Rising Tide Calvera is based on their wheat stout Ursa Minor, it is fermented with their house yeast and aged in red wine barrels with pureed cherries. This was a limited release of 360 bottles only available at the brewery back in February of 2013. I was unable to attend the bottle release, I have to thank my friend James from the Insurance Guys Beer Blog for getting me a bottle; I think I still owe him a cold one in return.

Calvera pours pitch black, no light is breaking through this one, the pour produced a short khaki colored head.
Right up front the aroma is red wine, some subtle earthy, oaky notes, just a hint of cherries as well, beyond that you get dark roasted grains and a hint of wheat.

Rising Tide Calvera

Very interesting flavor, if you’ve ever had Rising Tides Ursa Minor I think you’d be able to pick that out as the base beer. Dark roasted grains and wheat are the first things I taste, a light oak flavor and red wine followed by a touch of cherries and I’m getting just a little bit of a chocolate flavor as well.

Overall another excellent offering from Rising Tide, I’ve been impressed with their barrel aged beers and I look forward to future bottle releases. Unfortunately this was a 360 bottle limited release so finding a bottle at this point would be pretty difficult but I would recommend looking for a bottle of Ursa Minor if you haven’t had it.


Rising Tide Calvera

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