Uinta Monkshine

Uinta Monkshine

NOTE: WordPress was SUPPOSED to post this last Friday. It didn’t, so I’m posting it now. Stupid WP….

Today we come home from Hawaii. I’m sure we are terribly sad. Right now I’m really happy though, as I’m typing this up less than 12 hours before our flight leaves for Hawaii. Kinda weird talking to you about the future (from the past).

The beer I’m reviewing is Uinta Monkshine, a Belgian Blonde style. It poured a golden orange color, with a thick but shot head. Lots of lacing on the glass for bonus points. It smells and tastes of cloves and bananas – aromas/flavors I often associate with Belgians. It has a decent carbonation to it leading to an effervescent drinkability. As the beer warms, some of the blonde characteristics come through: bready/biscuit type flavors. Virtually no hops, all malt in this one.

Another good brew from Uinta.


Uinta Monkshine

Author: Joshua Dion

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