Grateful Hands Mud Season

Grateful Hands Mud Season

The past week has been pretty damn solid for me. Things really heated up this past Friday, starting with taking, and acing, an agile certification exam (PMI-ACP for you project management nerds out there). Following that, I took the remainder of the afternoon off from work and celebrated. i.e. Drank. Saturday morning I went golfing and shot the best round I’ve had in the last 2-3 years. Saturday night we babysat our nephews and I played “Uncle Horsey”, flopping around on the floor and neighing with a two and four year old on my back. Good times. I slept much of Sunday away due to staying up half the night studying blackjack strategy…my new vice. Long story short, this past weekend was just about perfect.

Tonight I’m sipping on a Grateful Hands Mud Season Imperial Brown IPA. The if style “Imperial Brown IPA” sounds unfamiliar, it’s because it’s not a recognized official style. The funny thing is, the beer is nothing like a brown ale and also nothing like an IPA. The main flavors are dark and caramel malts. Near the middle there is just a hint of hoppiness, which is so faint I can’t put my finger on the flavor. Overall, while I don’t dislike the beer, I’m not terribly impressed either.

P.S. The 8.2% ABV is sneaky, so watch out.


Grateful Hands Mud Season

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