Shipyard Summer Ale

Shipyard Summer Ale bottle

We can all agree that summer time barbecues are the best, right? I’m certainly a big fan of hosting them for so many reasons – friends, grilled meat, and cold beer. But the biggest reason I like hosting barbecues is clear: people bring over a TON of brews!

Last Saturday we had some of wifey’s work friends over, and I was left with a bounty of four full mixed sixers. I’m still working through them all, but pulled one out for this week’s review: Shipyard Brewing Company’s Summer Ale.

Shipyard Summer Ale glass

Besides the awesome artwork, which begs for some custom beer label animation, this seems like the perfect brew for a hot Saturday in July. Shipyard pours out a light golden color with a huge foam crown and a balanced aroma blending citrus and wheat notes.

Tastewise, this is a pretty unique wheat ale. Shipyard starts out with vague citrus notes that blend into a relatively hoppy and bitter middle, before winding down with a bready and bitter end note that lingers around for a while with notable mouthfeel.

Shipyard Summer Ale glass and bottle

Overall, I really want to like this beer more than I do, but it’s just a notch above “meh” for me. I think it tries to go in too many flavor directions, without doing any single one right, to be much better than a decent barbecue beer.

Author: Silvio

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