Starr Hill Little Red Rooster

Starr Hill Red Rooster Coffee Cream Stout

This evening my wife and I took a trip down to the local lake and had a lovely dinner picnic under a tree. Beer and wine was involved (of course). We took our dog Brady along and all three of us had a great time. The breeze off the lake and the shade of the huge tree helped to mute the 90+ degree humid weather. It was as close to Hawaii weather as I’ve felt since coming back from vacationing there last month.

Tonight’s review is a recap of another beer I had this past Saturday while hanging out with Norm: Starr Hill Red Rooster Coffee Cream Stout.

The Red Rooster, a milk stout, is another beer my mother hooked me up with. Thanks again Moms! Both Norm and I really enjoyed the brew. It came across SUPER creamy, with lots of sweet coffee flavors and just a hint of roasted malt bitterness at the tail end. I cannot overstate how creamy the beer felt and even tasted…remarkable!


Author: Joshua Dion

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