Utah Brewers Cooperative Squatters IPA and Squatters Hop Rising Double IPA

Utah Brewers Squatters IPA

Before I took off for vacation last month I received a six pack of Wasatch and Squatters beers courtesy of the Utah Beers company. This past weekend when I was invited to crash a pool party seemed like a perfect opportunity to finally reviewing these. I took along the entire pack and enjoyed it throughout an extended evening.

I’m going to split the reviews up into three different posts. For today I’ll cover the two Squatters beers: IPA and Hop Rising Double IPA.

I was not a fan of the IPA, as I found astringent and harsh. Piney and floral hops were obvious, but overwhelmingly bitter. Maybe some of you more serious hop heads would enjoy it.

Utah Brewers Squatters Hop Rising Double IPA

The Hop Rising Double IPA poured with a ridiculous head that looked like whipped cream. The beer is very solid and I enjoyed it. It was mild and well balanced. I found it nowhere near as astringent as the regular IPA. Orange peel and other citrusy hops flavors were dominant. I found that as it warmed it got sweeter, however this led to it losing some of the balance I enjoyed so much. In other words, drink the double IPA when it’s cold!


Author: Joshua Dion

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