Woodchuck Summer Hard Cider

Woodchuck Summer Hard Cider

Josh was able to bring home a bunch of Woodchuck ciders for me from the Beer Blogger’s Conference this past weekend! I drink Woodchuck fairly regularly (it’s my go to session beverage) so I guess it’s about time I review them.

The Woodchuck Summer Hard Cider is full flavored and super juicy. I’m mostly getting blueberry. My enjoyment of this cider seems to be completely dependent on what I’m doing. I drank one at a hot 4th of July BBQ and found it pretty refreshing. I drank one again last night when Josh had friends over for poker night and I found it way too sweet and fruity, I was totally not into it. Tonight I’m drinking this immediately after showering after a sweaty 4.5 mile run and I’m enjoying it again. I guess what I’m saying is pick this up if you are going to be hot and sweaty, otherwise choose one of Woodchuck’s other flavors.


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