Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye

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I’m headed out the door in a few minutes for a weekend road trip to the Jersey shore, but I’ve still got some time for a quick post.

This week I’m reviewing Bear Republic’s Hop Rod Rye, billed as an IPA blended with 18% rye. Since I’ve been drinking a lot of bourbon/rye lately, this sounds right up my alley. Josh actually reviewed Hop Rod a few years back, but I had a different experience, so maybe Bear Republic has changed up the recipe a bit.

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Hop Rod pours out a deep but clear copper color, with lots of suspended sediment floating in the glass and a nice foam crown the color of toasted marshmallows. The brew smells like a typical IPA with a wheaty-rye backbone.

Tastewise, I got lots of rye throughout this beer. It starts off a little spicy with plenty of rye notes, and transitions to a roasted sweetness through the middle with a few hints of caramel. To me, this brew only became an IPA on the end note, which sticks around for a while.

Since my experience was pretty different from the one Josh had (lots of grapefruit, little rye), I’d love to know what the rest of LIBA Nation thinks!


Author: Silvio

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