Beautiful Brews Honey Amber Rose and Diamond Bear Irish Red

Beer of the Month (2)

Yesterday I kicked off a series of posts covering the June and July beer of the Month Club selections.  To recap, I received 24 beers, which I decided to share with my poker-playing buddies.

In addition to continuing the beer reviews, tonight I thought I would share a few pictures of our game.  I have held monthly home games off and on for over 10 years.  Typically, I gather enough interest to keep people playing for 5-6 months, and then interest wanes for a year.  Last week marked the end of one of those “poker hibernations”.  Thanks goes to my buddy Ron for inspiring me to get things going again.

Diamond Bear Irish Red

  • Al: “Smells sweet.  Nice and smooth.  Malty!”
  • Ron: “Malty. Good.  Ron like malt.”
  • Marc: “Chocolatey Malt.  Can’t exactly place the flavors.”
  • Darryl: “I like it”

My thoughts: All grain and barley flavors.  Malt through and through, although not overly sweet.  If you’re looking for hops, don’t look here.  However, if you’re up for a malty amber, this is a good choice.


Beautiful Brews Honey Amber Rose

  • Al: “Smells fruity.  Super light.”
  • Ron:  “Tastes like a plant.  I’m completely indifferent on this one.”
  • Marc: “Bland, subtle.”
  • Darryl: “I don’t like the smell.  Reminds me of sweet and sour sauce.”
  • Sean:  “Smells grassy.”

My thoughts:  Unique brew.  Very light body and flavors.  Taste of rose is subtle, but clear to me.  Not strong enough flavored to really draw anyone who favors herbed beers and too bland to appeal to most others.  A novelty beer at best.



Author: Joshua Dion

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