Bells Two Hearted Ale

This afternoon I spent about 10 minutes prying a TINY shard of glass out of my finger tip. It had been in there for the last 7 days and was hurting like a SOB. If you ever read “it will work itself out” on the internet, ignore that advice. I can’t believe I let it fester this long. Anywho, I feel like a brand new man with the shard removed.

This evening I’m sitting on the patio enjoying an absolutely perfect New England summer day. Seeing as I got about 4 hours of sleep and got up at 5:00 to play an early round of golf before work, I should be exhausted. For whatever reason, I’m wide awake and full of energy. In fact, I just got finished re-caulking the bathroom tub.

The beverage of choice tonight is Bells Two Hearted Ale and this stuff is the nectar of the Gods. It’s an American IPA, but don’t go into drinking this thinking you’re going to get a grapefruit bomb. Oh no, this beer is so well balanced, you might mistake it for a pale ale.

At first taste, there’s a fruity sweetness, which strangely reminds me of strawberry. This dissipates into a fantastic, subtle, citrus-sweet hop finish. An absolutely marvelous IPA, possibly one of of my favorites of all time. Sadly, I cannot get this beer in Massachusetts. I can, however, obtain it in North Carolina when I go on my quarterly work trip there. Thus, a six four pack of this beautiful masterpiece sits in my fridge.


P.S. Note that our own Silvio writes about Bells’ beer frequently and enjoys Two Hearted Ale himself. Also note that I was lazy tonight and stole Silvio’s picture of this beer!

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.