Boone Blowing Rock Summer Ale and Boone Blowing Rock High Country

Boone Blowing Rock Summer Ale

As promised, I’m kicking off this week with some reviews courtesy the Beer of the Month Club.  I had the privilege of meeting the company’s Customer Service Manager, Kristina at the 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference.  Kristina was passionate when speaking about the club, describing to me how a team of beer experts spend significant time reviewing potential beer candidates before selecting what goes into each month’s box.  Rather than just sending you a box of bottles, Beer of the Month Club also includes a well written pamphlet describing each beer.  For those who, like me, enjoy being earth-friendly, the club uses 100% recyclable packaging and their corporate office runs on solar power!

I encourage you to read more at the website’s “about us” page.

Given that I had both the June and July selections on hand (24 beers), I decided to share the love and during last week’s poker night I encouraged my buddies to try and comment on the beer.  Below you will find our collective thoughts on the first two beers sampled.

Boone Brewing Blowing Rock Summer Ale

  • Sean:  “Smells like wheat, but tastes like nothing.  Blowing rock is blowing.”
  • Ron: “Yup, tastes like nothing.”
  • Al: “Reasonable well balanced, tastes very much like a wheat beer.”
  • Marc: “Citrusy and over-carbonated.”
  • Darryl: “Fruity with a med-light mouthfeel.”

My thoughts:  I tend to agree with the collective.  The Blowing Rock Summer ale is an incredibly light, highly carbonated wheat beer, with a hint of lemony citrus, but very little taste otherwise.  A resounding “Meh” from the crowd.

Boone Brewing Blowing Rock High Country

  • Sean: “Taste caramel malts.”
  • Ron:  “All I taste is water and hops.”
  • Al: “ A flat finish with some hops flavor, which falls off quickly.”
  • Marc:  “I like it!  Syrupy mouthfeel with a hoppy bite.”

My thoughts:  It’s not a complex or “special” beer in any way, but I like it.  I found a great balance of caramel malts with some earthy hops at the end.  I ended up finishing the bottle when others passed it up.

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Blowing Rock High Country

Author: Joshua Dion

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