Fermentation Without Representation Imperial Pumpkin Porter

Fermentation Without Representation bottle

Through the magic of time travel, I’m actually writing this in the past. Really I’m writing this on Thursday evening, but it’s scheduled to run Saturday. Ah, WordPress :)

I’m in Los Angeles for a quick vacation built around my childhood friend’s wedding. Between some sightseeing on Thursday, Disneyland on Friday (wifey LOVES that place), and wedding festivities Saturday and Sunday before a red-eye back to DC Monday morning, I knew I’d have no time for a review.

Fermentation Without Representation bottle and glass

So, I decided to write up a great beer I tried while packing for my trip on Wednesday night. Fermentation Without Representation is an imperial pumpkin porter, and while I’m always a little annoyed fall seasonals come out in the middle of summer, good lord is this a good beer!

The brew is a collaboration between Epic Brewing and DC Brau, and it’s absolutely everything a good pumpkin porter should be. The pour is super dark, with just a few hints of ruby hue when held up to light and an incredibly spicy aroma – it smelled exactly like fresh-baked pumpkin pie!

Fermentation Without Representation glass

Tastewise, the first sip brings lots of sweet pumpkin flavor with nice notes of nutmeg and spices before taking a quick turn toward vanilla and sweet roasted malts. Pumpkin really dominates this brew, appropriate considering the brewers say they added 200 pounds of real pumpkin to every batch. But there’s also a nice backbone of nutty chocolate porter left behind by the aftertaste, which is interesting considering the vanilla middle.

Fermentation Without Representation

This is apparently a super-limited run of beer, but it’s totally worth picking up a bomber if you come across one – even with the dangerous 8% ABV. I only hope I can find another bottle upon my return home!



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