Peak Organic Summer Session Ale

Peak Organic Summer Session Ale

Tonight I hit the driving range to correct a HORRIFIC slice that has recently returned to my golf game. These trips are often forays into the impossible, but not tonight. I don’t dare claim victory over the dreaded rightward moving drive, however I will say that I made some significant improvements and have an excellent idea of what was wrong with my swing.

In celebration I’m throwing back a bottle of Peak Organic Summer Session Ale. I reviewed this beer back in 2011, but seeing as I had a couple of bottles in the fridge tonight, figured I would give it another go.

This time around I didn’t like the beer as much as last time. Right out of the gate I get a stank aroma and flavor of mild skunk, something I’m not a fan of. The rest of the flavor is as I previously wrote – well balanced with a malty start and a lemony hop finish. I still think that the brew is an excellent summertime session option.


Author: Joshua Dion

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