Tell Tale Heart Ale

Tell Tale Heart Ale bottle

Well, once again a whole week has passed us by, and like most of you, I’m enjoying a ┬ásummertime Saturday. After a farmers market trip this morning and a nice run this afternoon, I’m kicking back with some brews before wifey and I head out for some karaoke with friends tonight.

This week I’m reviewing Baltimore-Washington Beer Works’ Tell Tale Heart Ale. It’s an American IPA brewed in homage to Baltimore native Charles Dickens, and like his classic story of the same name, it’s a great one.

Tell Tale Heart pours out a crystal-clear copper color, with little to no foam head but lots of pretty lacing along the glass. I smell lots of hops on the aroma, a nice blend of citrus and pine notes, and there’s a steady stream of tiny bubbles awaiting my first sip.

Tell Tale Heart Ale bottle and glass

Tastewise, this is extremely balanced, and ranks up there with my favorite IPAs. The brew starts out with some moderately bitter pine hoppiness, before turning into an even blend of citrus hops and grassy notes. It closes as a good IPA should – with a moderately bitter long stanky end note.

Overall, this is a great brew, especially considering B-W Beer Works is a relatively new brewery. It’s hoppy through and through, but never overpowers with any one type of hops or too much bitterness, Plus, the 7.25% ABV packs a bit of a punch without kicking your ass. Definitely worth checking out!

Tell Tale Heart Ale bottle cap

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