Two Roads Road 2 Ruin

Two Roads Road 2 Ruin

This past weekend was spent at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. I was excited to take the trip with our friends Sean and Kerry, who are avid gamblers like myself. I was also excited to try out my newly acquired black jack skills.

The weekend was a ton of fun. After arriving around lunchtime, we headed to Frank Pepe’s pizza for HUGE pizzas and a pitcher of Samuel Adams Oktoberfest. After fueling up, Sean and I were off to the craps table. Things looked dire out of the gate with loss after loss; within an hour I was approaching my loss limit. Things quickly turned around with a couple of huge gambles that went our way. We escaped the craps table still down a bit, but nowhere near as bad as minutes prior.

Next up was some video poker for me. I’m a student of the game and have spent many hours practicing strategy. After a couple hours of play, I ended up even in video poker and up about three Jamesons on the rocks. I always say that if you walk away from the casino even, then you’re a winner, so I was OK with not making anything.

We had dinner at our favorite restaurant in the Casino, Sol Toro. Margaritas flowed freely. On top of all that Jameson, I was feeling pretty good. Next up was a comedy show; I laughed my balls off. The evening continued with relatively drunked black jack. Surprisingly, this turned out fantastically with both my wife and I being up after this stint.

Saturday night concluded with all four of us being pretty well inebriated and crashing in our shared room. Sunday involved losing money at video poker in the morning, followed by the trip home. All in all, it was a great trip with good friends.

Two Roads Road 2 Ruin

Fast forward to this evening and I’m drinking this Two Roads Road 2 Ruin, a 7.2% ABV imperial IPA. For regular readers, if this beer sounds familiar, it’s because it was a part of the blind imperial IPA tasting from a couple of months ago. And while the beer did not fair well in that competition, I’m ready to give it a fair shake. After all, it was up against some serious competition!

Road 2 Ruin pours a golden amber color and has a fantastic head. As I poured it, I got a whiff of lovely tropical fruit. At first sip, I initially get some of that tropical citrus, but quickly my pallet is assaulted by astringent bitterness and I’m reminded why I didn’t like it in the blind taste test. The incredibly strong citrus/pine hoppiness is just too much for me. As it warms up, some of the malt cuts the bitterness and my pallet adjusts.

I’d strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a super strong citrus/pine hop profile.


Two Roads Road 2 Ruin

Author: Joshua Dion

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