Burdisson’s Dwarven Ale

This morning I flew out for Jamaica at the ass-crack of dawn. By now, I’m probably sitting on the beach. Awww yeah. Vacation. Today’s guest review comes from Mike Landry…

Burdisson's Dwarven Ale

“Think you have what it takes to drink a legend? Grab a tankard and pour yerself some Burdisson’s Dwarven Ale!” – Boran Coalbeard, dwarf beer connoisseur.

Before I tell you the tale of Burdisson’s Dwarven Ale, I need to set the scene.

This brown ale is the inaugural release from Fantasy Brewmasters, a small craft brewery based in Naples, Florida. Fantasy Brewmasters is the brainchild of founder Chris Guerra, who took his love for fantasy and combined it with his love for beer. He reached out to other like-minded folks to create a community around good beer and good fantasy, and Burdisson’s Dwarven Ale was born.

The result is a robust brown ale worthy of any stubborn dwarf, and an entire backstory surrounding the famous Burdisson Brewery (including a dwarven beer writer named Boran Coalbeard, and a supporting cast of characters and locations). Fantasy Brewmasters isn’t just brewing beer, they’re building a world.

So, with that history out of the way, let’s get on to the beer.

Truthfully, Burdisson’s Dwarven Ale is a very enjoyable beer, and it’s not just for fantasy geeks. Like any brown ale should, the beer pours very dark, with just a hint of a dark amber glow when you peer through the glass.

Once it’s poured, the head fades quickly and leaves little-to-no lacing. There are strong hints of chocolate and roasted coffee notes in the sweet aroma. Once it hits your mouth, the coffee and chocolate flavors are very upfront, with an overall crisp and light mouthfeel. A bit of carbonation tingles the back of your tongue as you finish a mouthful.

Though the beer is dark, it’s not heavy, and actually quite drinkable. I can easily imagine myself joining a party of dwarves sitting around a table in a dark tavern, laughing, and throwing back many tankards of Burdisson’s.

As I said, this is a very good beer, and one I’d recommend trying if you ever find it. Unfortunately, Fantasy Brewmasters has a small distribution area at the moment (mostly in/around Florida), but are hoping to expand. I think you might be able to order a 6 pack online, but I’m not sure about that. Definitely check out their website to learn more: http://www.fantasybrewmasters.com. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can help them work on the story and recipe for their next beer.

In the end, Burdisson’s Dwarven Ale is more than a gimmick for fantasy geeks, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you skip it based on that assumption.

Note: The two beers I had came as free review bottles from the owner of Fantasy Brewmasters, but I received no compensation for this review.


Author: Joshua Dion

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