Cisco Pumple Drumkin

Well, my Jamaican vacation is winding down. Our last night on the island. All good things must come to an end, right? Tonight I have first time guest reviewer Brittany on board and I think she did a great job….

Pumple DrumkinBrittany Falconer (@bmfalc)

I’ve got to admit that the prospect of this guest post is at least a little intimidating. Let’s run through the reasons:

  • I’ve never been allowed to publish my thoughts on beer on someone else’s website. Not that I’m on a blogger black list – there’s just a first time for everything and this is it.
  • After reading through previous posts (both by Josh and guests), I am reminded of how little I really know about beer (it has hops, right?).
  • I’ve actually not met Josh, which is sad given we live within driving distance. I’m hoping to remedy this atrocity at the upcoming Boston Craft Beer Meetup, but in the meantime, pressure’s on to not type anything too ridiculously stupid.

That all said, I’m still here, because as noted in the call for bloggers, I’m to keep it simple and have fun. And that’s generally what I do with beer. So while Josh is away, let’s see how much trouble I can get into with this one post.

We just moved into a new apartment, and while I’m still gathering my bearings in the new neighborhood, the liquor store was luckily one of the first things I found. Hours later I found myself – wait for it – lost in the beer aisle (oh, how I love the sounds of your groans). I wasn’t worried though. We’re in my favorite season, Oktoberfest and decorative gourd season, so I knew it would be easy to find a new beer to try. I picked up a six-pack of Cisco Brewers Pumple Drumkin because a.) pumpkin! b.) what an awesome name and c.) I’ve had good experiences with Cisco so far.

The ale itself weighs in 6 percent ABV. The amber color? Lovely. The limerick on the bottleneck? Delightful. At this point I should share that I like my pumpkin beer to be really pumpkin-y. Fisherman’s Pumpkin Stout, Southern Tier’s Pumking and Sam Adams’ Fat Jack all make me pretty happy. That disclosed, I was a little wary when I  didn’t get much pumpkin on the nose (however, I’ve been fighting a small cold, so maybe it’s more yammy than I thought). The taste confirmed my disappointment as the beer is definitely pumpkin-light as far as I’m concerned, but the brew is nicely balanced and still enjoyable as a beer.

My first thought is that this could be a pumpkin beer one tolerates – even enjoys! – in the muggy August months when the first autumnal beers hit the shelves. Pumple Drumkin might also be your gateway pumpkin for friends who haven’t yet discovered the magic that is pumpkin beer. Would I buy it again? I don’t think so, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it in the fridge.



Author: Joshua Dion

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