Gigantic Whole in the Head


As I mentioned earlier this week, this past Saturday we went to Greg & Heather’s house for a “wear your old wedding dress” party. Above is my beautiful wife, who after 10 years still fit in her dress. Next to her stands some stud she met at the party. I promised I would share a photo, so there you go.

On an only slightly related note, wearing a suit while playing beer pong apparently increases your throwing accuracy.

Gigantic Hole in the Head

Greg was recently in Burlington, VT and brought me back a beer. That beer, Gigantic Hole in the Head Imperial IPA, is tonight’s beer of choice. And although he bought this in Vermont, the brewery is in Oregon. He picked up the bottle because he liked the label. Can you blame him?

Gigantic Hole in the Head

The beer is a straight forward imperial IPA. 8.5% ABV. TONS of citrus hop action. Bitter from the hops, but not blindingly or harshly so. The citrus flavor is more like and orange or grapefruit. It does not taste tropical.

I’m a fan.


Gigantic Hole in the Head

Author: Joshua Dion

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