Great Divide Rumble IPA

Rumble IPA bottle

I’m not sure about where you live, but today in DC was absolutely beautiful. 80 degrees, sunny, with a light breeze made for an excellent day to go for a run, do some yard work, walk the dog, and grill some burgers. Now that I’m settled in for the evening, it’s time to crack open a brew and write it up.

Today I’m reviewing Great Divide’s Rumble IPA. I picked up a sixer of this brew earlier this week at an excellent local beer/wine store I’ve been trying (Grape + Bean, for those of you in the DC region) and I saved one to review. I’m a big fan of Great Divide beers, and this is no exception to the rule.

Rumble IPA glass

Rumble is a pretty standard Western American IPA, but it’s aged in oak barrels, giving it a much more mellow taste than the typical big, stanky hops I’ve come to expect from Great Divide. It pours out a dark and clear copper color, with a thick foam head that evolved into thick lacing as I drank down the beer. I definitely picked up hints of oak on the aroma, along with a nice piney base.

Taste-wise, this was definitely a bit more mellow than I was expecting. The hops come up front, a nice mix of pine and bitterness, but there’s a ton of oak and vanilla roasted malts through the middle before ending on a bitter and slightly minty end note. There’s not too much mouthfeel here, and this brew is extremely drinkable.

Rumble IPA bottle and glass

All in all, another excellent offering from Great Divide. I’d definitely recommend picking up some Rumble if you come across it, and even trying some of the suggested pairings – I went with Honeycrisp apples from the farmer’s market and loved the combo!

Rumble IPA food pairings

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