Great Lakes Oktoberfest

Great Lakes Oktoberfest bottle

Right now, the world’s greatest beer party is about to peak – Oktoberfest. Tens of thousands of people are hammered, singing, dancing, and eating in massive tents just outside Munich, and they’re having an awesome time.

In homage to that incredibly awesome party, I’m reviewing Great Lakes’ Oktoberfest. As you may know, this Cleveland brewery produces a ton of locally themed beers, and this one pays tribute to the city’s Oktoberfest – which dates back to German immigrants in the 1800s and is memorialized on the awesome label.

Great Lakes Oktoberfest glass

Great Lakes’ Oktoberfest is¬†authentic, keeping to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, and reminds me of the pilgrimage wifey and I made to Munich a few years ago. The brew pours out a¬†crystal-clear amber color, and smells like sweet malts with a hint of hoppiness. There’s no real foam head at all, nor is there any lacing on the glass.

But when beers taste this good, who cares? The brew starts out with lots of rich and sweet malts up front, and blends into a toasted bread middle with a few faint hints of bananas, before ending on a dry and sharp hoppy note. The mouthfeel is significant and a bit drying, but it doesn’t stick around long.

Great Lakes Oktoberfest bottle and glass

This brew was a silver medal winner at the World Beer Championships, and it’s not hard to taste why it won. It’s a great fall beer, tastes like the rich German beers you get in Munich, and even packs a decent 6.5% ABV. All it’s missing, I’d say, is a pair of sweaty lederhosen. Prost!

Author: Silvio

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