Harpoon Saison Various

Today I come back from Jamaica. BOO! I probably had to get up WAY to early to catch a WAY too long bus to the airport. MORE BOO! Oh well, I’m sure I had a great time and I’ll tell you all about it next week. My final guest reviewer of the week is my good buddy Brandon. A lot of people talk smack about this guy, but he’s alright in my book. Brandon…

Photo Courtesy Harpoon Brewing Co.
Photo Courtesy Harpoon Brewing Co.

Hello LIBA readers! It’s been way too long since I posted a guest beer review, so when I heard Josh was going on his 19th vacation of 2013 and needed guest reviewers, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s good to be back!

Tonight’s beer comes from Harpoon Brewery. Harpoon is local to us here in the Boston area, but to many around the country it’s considered a fairly large craft brewery. In fact, it ranks 8 out of 10 in sales volume for US craft breweries. That is a pretty good indication Harpoon is doing something right.

I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Harpoon. Harpoon IPA was one of the first craft brewed IPA’s I ever had and it still ranks up there for me as one of my favorite local IPA’s. Their Leviathan series is always boasting high ABV, solid beers. Their UFO series usually pleases the wheat beer crowd with its decent lineup of Hefeweizens. But my favorite, and the focus of tonight’s review, is the 100 Barrel Series.

The 100 Barrel Series has been around for several years, and usually features interesting one-off brews, some of which are traditional styles and some that push the limit of where craft brewing is going. I have been impressed with several of these beers, while some of them left a lot to be desired. As a whole though, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with these offerings.

Tonight’s review is on 100 Barrel Series #47, Saison Various. The story behind Saison Various is unique. It is a collaboration between four of Harpoon’s brewers. Each brewer brewed a batch of their own saison, some traditional, some not so traditional. The final product is a combination of each of the recipes.

It pours a beautiful golden brown, typical of traditional saisons. The smell is sweet, floral, your typical saison aroma. I got some peppery notes as well.

The taste is what you all care about, right? Good. Well, I get some pepper right off the bat. There are peppercorns added to this beer so that explains that. A little bit of grassy, funkiness coming through. More sweetness. I like!

The beer finishes very dry. It has a wonderful cereal malt aftertaste, with more pepper coming through at the end. I really enjoyed this beer. Seek it out if you can!



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