Long Trail Imperial Pumpkin

Long Trail Imperial Pumpkin

FRIDAY! I hope everyone had a great week. Mine flew by. Tonight I ran some errands and made some fajitas for dinner. Now I’m chilling out watching a movie with the wife and crushing a six-pack of Notch Session Pils. Only at this instant, as I am writing, did I realize that I have not formally reviewed this beer. W T F??? It’s a ridiculously good beer and I vow I will review it…but not tonight.

Tonight I’m finishing off my recap of last Sunday’s brainstorm reviews. The final beer we tried was Long Trail Imperial Pumpkin. Below are our thoughts.

  • Greg: Pumpkin and clove on the nose. All spice in the flavor – Cinnamon, belgian spice, plum. “I hate this beer”
  • Heather: Nutmeg
  • Sean: For an imperial pumpkin this is very, very mild.
  • Me: Mild, spicy, not really pumpkin flavored, but I like it.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! As always, thanks for reading.


Long Trail Imperial Pumpkin

Author: Joshua Dion

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