Rogue Brutal IPA

Rogue Brutal IPA

All this week I’m in training at work. It’s really good stuff and I’m enjoying it, but man, sitting for that many hours straight really gets me fidgetty. By the time 5:00 rolls around, I’m ready to literally sprint out of the building. Today I was rushing home to a slew of deliveries. Nothing fancy…air fresheners, carpet cleaner fluid and a baby gate. Regardless of the contents, I was tearing open the boxes like a kid at Christmas. Do you ever get that feeling when opening packages?

Tonight’s beer is Rogue Brutal IPA. This beer, admittedly, is probably past it’s best-drank-by date; I brought this beer home from the beer bloggers conference in June. Sadly, the bottle has neither a bottled-on, nor a best-by date, so we’ll never know exactly how old it is.

Regardless of age, the beer is definitely Brutal. It’s an American IPA made for hop-heads. It has a sharp grapefruit flavor, followed by a floral aftertaste. The label calls for some balance provided by “biscuity malt”, but I’m not detecting much biscuit at all. The balance is mostly missing, leaving me with a hop-bomb in the mouth. Lucky for me, I’m in a hoppy mood. Tonight I’ll down this without a problem, but you probably won’t find me buying this one again. For me, there are a lot more delicious/balanced IPAs out there.


Author: Joshua Dion

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