Smuttynose Fashionably Old Ale

Smuttynose Fashionably Old Ale

Tonight I am continuing my recap of last weekend’s beer brainstorming with Ecolissa model Michelle.

The beer? Smuttynose Fashionably Old Ale. This is a 11.4% American Strong Ale produced by Smuttynose brewing in collaboration with Julio’s Liquors. I believe Julio’s provided the barrels for this venture.

The beer carries absolutely wonderful bourbon and oak flavors and finishes on a sweet vanilla note. I REALLY liked it. My wife tried a sip and then tried another sip, and then took the glass out of my hand for a third sip (more of a gulp). The triple-pull has only happened once or twice before! Furthermore, she said she “liked” the beer. This is a first.

Sadly, the story goes downhill from here. This beer comes with a small bottle of orange bitters attached. Upon adding the bitters to the beer, my wife and I thought the beer was completely ruined (far too much citrus). I poured out the remainder of my glass. On the other hand, Michelle only liked the beer after the bitters were added. To each their own!


Smuttynose Fashionably Old Ale

Author: Joshua Dion

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