Treehouse That’s What She Said

Treehouse That's What She Said

Tonight is my last post…EVER.

OK, just kidding. It’s my last post for a long while though, as I’m off to Jamaica this weekend. I had great response to my call for guest reviewers, so I’ve got posts lined up for ever day that I’m gone to keep you entertained.

Tonight’s rapid-review is of Treehouse That’s What She Said. I shared a growler of this stuff on Monday, while hanging with my buddy Greg. We paired the beer with some Red Faction Armageddon on the PS3. We played some mode where all you do is go around blasting the shit out of structures and the player with the most destruction points wins. I found that I am terrible at destroying things.

That’s What She Said is a milk stout, which we thought tasted nothing like a milk stout, as it didn’t have the typical sweetness of that style. Instead, it was full of dark roasted malt and coffee flavor. It had an intense roasted bitter finish. Sadly, I thought it was just OK. HOWEVER, Treehouse Brewing gets a huge thumbs up from me for suing the town of Brimfield and a local resident who are trying to screw them over. They also get mad-props for naming a beer “That’s What She Said”.


Treehouse That's What She Said

Author: Joshua Dion

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