Weyerbacher Tiny


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! After a week of sun, beach, pools, turning down endless offers to purchase illegal drugs, swim-up bars, and more Red Stripe than anyone should probably drink, I’m [quite sadly] back to the real world. I’ll make sure I post a picture recap of our Jamaica trip sometime early this week. For now, I’m relaxing and drinking my first craft beer in over a week!

Weyerbacher Tiny

Said beer is Weyerbacher Tiny, an Imperial Stout that was a gift from my mom back in May. I purposely left this beer as one of the last to try from my birthday stash she bought me. Why? Because the fricking thing is 11.8% ABV! I figured if any beer was going to get better with age, this would be it.

Now, I don’t know if it got better with age, or if I’m REALLY primed for enjoying a craft beer, but this Tiny is blowing my mind. *boom* *my brain bits on your shirt* Vanilla, licorice, chocolate and brown sugar all combine into a Creme Brulee-ish dessert-like concoction. There’s a hint of alcohol, but not the burning type…more similar to a well-aged smooth whiskey. Normally when drinking a beer this big, complex and boozy, I end up wishing I had a friend to drink with. Not tonight. This whole bottle is going into my belly. Getting up for work tomorrow should be interesting!


Weyerbacher Tiny

Author: Joshua Dion

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