Heavy Seas The Great Pumpkin

Heavy Seas The Great Pumpkin

Well, my first week of work at the new job is under my belt. So far, things are going great and I’m enjoying the “honeymoon” period. This weekend has been very low key, which is welcomed. Saturday we sat on the couch for the morning and ran errands/did housework in the afternoon. Today (Sunday) was a bit more eventful as we went to meet George the rescue cat, whom we have decided will be coming to live with us sometime in the next week! George is a tank of a cat, weighing probably 15+ pounds. He’s white and light grey, has big blue eyes. Said eyes are crossed, which when combined with his one folded-over ear, makes him look ridiculously dumb…in the cutest/nicest way possible of course.

This Sunday I’ve also got a chance to watch the Redzone channel for the first time this year. If you’ve read LIBA the past couple of fall seasons, you know I’ve got a giant tv-boner for Redzone. This afternoon I’m pairing my favorite TV station with a bottle of Heavy Seas The Great Pumpkin. And DAAAAAAMN, it’s a good beer. As the cap popped off the bomber, I immediately smelled spice. The beer poured a very cloudy dark amber with an ample head.

The Great Pumpkin must be oak-aged; strong oak and vanilla flavors prevail. I’m immediately reminded of Kentucky Bourbon Pumpkin Ale that I reviewed last week and called “my new favorite pumpkin beer“. I wish I had the two to try side-by-side, as the flavor profile is remarkably similar. In addition to oak & vanilla, I get cinnamon and pumpkin.

I can’t stop chugging this beer. So good. Lesson learned this fall: oak-aged pumpkins are my favorite fall seasonal.


Heavy Seas The Great Pumpkin
Note the photo-bomb, courtesy Brady.

Author: Joshua Dion

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