Narragansett Imperial Black Steam

Narragansett Imperial Black Steam

What a beautiful week of weather we are having here in New England. It’s October 2nd and it’s 80 degrees out. You can’t really beat that. I’m trying to soak it up as much as possible, as it won’t last long.

Today’s review of Narragansett Imperial Black Steam is the final beer in a stockpile of reviews that I amassed with friends a couple of weekends ago.

My friend Michelle picked this beer to review because she liked the label. In her words, the labbel “made me say: ‘what are you? I want you inside me!'”

The beer is a 9% ABV Schwartzbier. Despite being a huge Narragansett homer, I’m giving this beer a resounding MEH! I picked up some dark fruit flavors, but that was about it. I found little to write down about it. Michelle wasn’t a huge fan either, saying she wouldn’t try it again.


Author: Joshua Dion

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