Notch Session Pils

Notch Session Pils

Tonight I’m headed off to the [relatively] new Owen O’Leary’s here in my home town. The place is walking distance from our house (an anomoly in suburbia), and although the place isn’t awesome, it took the place of a horrendous restaurant, so I have no complaints. It has plenty of beer, a huge bar, Keno, and a shit-ton of TVs to watch the game. Tonight it’s the Bruins. I missed the first two Bruins games this past week, which is about half the total B’s games that I missed last year! Before I shoot off to goof off for the evening, I’m squeaking in a beer review!

A couple of weeks ago I was horrified to find that I had not reviewed Notch Session Pils. As of late, this beer has become my “drinking beer”, displacing my longtime favorite Narragansett Lager. There actually isn’t a whole lot to write about Notch Pils, which is probably why I drink it so much!

It’s a 4% ABV session beer. A.K.A. Built for drinking more than a few of. It’s a Czech Pilsner by style. It’s super crisp and leads off with a grassy hop kick, with some grain-flavored malts mixed in for balance. While it still teeters over to the hoppy side, it’s not bitter by any standard.

Long story short, whether you’re a hardcore craft beer fan, or you drink a ton of Miller Lite, I highly recommend this brew the next time you’re looking to hang out with friends and throw a few back.


Author: Joshua Dion

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