Russian River Blind Pig

Russian River Blind Pig

It’s been quite a week since I last posted. Last week I worked long days and then had plans every evening. After getting home in the evening, I tended to hit the couch and pass out pretty abruptly from exhaustion. Beer reviews were just not going to happen. This weekend I helped my wife run the Ecolissa booth at the Boston Vegetarian Festival. The time-investment was all day Saturday and all day Saturday, but was WELL worth it; Ecolissa had it’s best day of sales ever on Saturday, and it’s 3rd best day of sale ever on Sunday.

On Friday evening we had dinner with friends Sean & Kerry. The two had just recently returned from a trip to Nevada and California and they brought me back two beers from the highly coveted Russian River brewery: Pliny the Elder and tonight’s review beer – Blind Pig.

The Blind Pig is an American IPA, and a good one if you’re a hop-head. It has a strong hop character, which one might mistake for a double IPA. I get a bunch of pine flavor, and possibly some grapefruit. I will admit, it’s teetering over to the astringent side of hoppiness for me…a bit much to handle. I would NEVER offer this beer to someone who is just being introduced to craft beer. I, however, would probably get it again if/when I’m out west where it can be obtained.


Author: Joshua Dion

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