The Tap Marzen Scorsese

The Tap Marzen Scorsese

Every night here on LIBA I bring you into my house and share a little bit about myself. Most times, I keep things light and fun. However, life is not always fun and I want to be able to share the good and the bad with you. Today the pendulum swung swiftly in the “bad” direction when we had to put our cat Maverick to sleep.

He had been sick for a few weeks. It started as random vomiting. The vet prescribed some Pepcid and it seemed that Maverick was doing better. That is, until a couple of days ago when he stopped eating altogether. He very quickly went downhill and an emergency trip to the vet today revealed that he was severely dehydrated and his kidneys were completely failing. Maverick (and his brother Gunnar) were our first pets as adults. Maverick was only 12 years old, not terribly old for a cat. We are both pretty torn up about it, as things turned for the worse very quickly.

Anytime death comes suddenly, you’re always left with a certain surrealness; what was in your life for so long, and that which you held just minutes ago…gone. I cried like a child as I watched my wife say goodbye to Maverick. He spent endless hours with her and you rarely found Melissa without a fluffy white cat in her lap. And so we are left with a small hole in our life.

A hell of a way to into a beer review, but the beat rolls on. Tonight I continue catching up on reviews from last weekend. The beer I’m covering is an Oktoberfest Marzen style beer: The Tap Marzen Scorsese.

Ecolissa model Michelle helped review this one and she said “I fuckin love it”, adding that it was “highly drinkable” and “goes down easy”. For me, I thought it was a pretty standard Oktoberfest. I like the creativity of the label and the name of the beer. I probably wouldn’t buy another bottle of it, but if I was at The Tap in Haverhill, I’d surely get a pint of it.


The prince of fluffyness.  Thank you for bringing us so much happiness.  You will be missed.
The prince of fluffyness. Thank you for bringing us so much happiness. You will be missed.

Author: Joshua Dion

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