Boulevard Brewing Double Wide IPA

Boulevard Brewing Double Wide IPA bottle

Sometimes, it’s hard to find a new beer to review. I know, there are thousands of different brews available today, but every once in a while, I’m reminded of the sheer number of beers Josh and I (to a lesser degree) have reviewed.

Today was one of those days. I stopped by Grape and Bean, my new favorite local beer store, and spent at least 10 minutes looking for a sixer that looked good but hadn’t been reviewed. I finally came across a four-beer pack of Boulevard Brewing Company’s Double Wide Double IPA…and didn’t realize it was reviewed in 2011 until I typed this up.

Boulevard Brewing Double Wide IPA label

This beer is part of the Kansas City-based brewery’s Smokestack Series, which revisits other classic brews from Boulevard, and in this case is a revamp of Boulevard’s Single Wide IPA (which of course, has already been reviewed on LIBA).

Double Wide pours out a dark copper color, with a ton of suspended sediment floating in the glass. It’s also got a MASSIVE foam head, remarkable since I didn’t pour it any differently than normal, and a floral aroma with some piney notes. Apparently, I should have used a tulip glass, but I only saw that after pouring the beer.

Boulevard Brewing Double Wide IPA glass

Surprisingly, this brew’s taste starts out with lots of sweet caramel malts. I was expecting the same floral and pine hops I got from the aroma, but those don’t manifest until the middle, but they’re seriously strong once the hops kick in. The hops linger until the end of the taste, but it finishes really cleanly without a long bitter note, and no real alcohol burn – surprising considering Double Wide has an 8.5% ABV.

All in all, this is a great brew, and I’d definitely recommend it not only for people who like IPAs, but also for those who like sweet malts.

Boulevard Brewing Double Wide IPA bottle and glass

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