Jack’s Abby Pumpkin Crop Lager

Jack's Abby Pumpkin Crop Lager

Tonight I got out and ran for only the second time since I started the new job. Between how busy work has been, the limited daylight hours, my hate of the treadmill and our crazy-busy weekends, I just haven’t been able to squeeze in any workouts. Tonight’s run was good, albeit FUCKING COLD! I went about 2.4 miles before calling it quits. No matter how hard I try to imagine myself on a beach in the Caribbean, the cold just cut through me; for 45 minutes after the run I was hacking up a lung…a condition I call “cold lungs”. Do any of you runners experience the same thing? Any tips for successful winter running?

Now I’m sitting down to a dinner of taco salad, strangely paired with some Jack’s Abby Pumpkin Crop Lager. This will be my last pumpkin beer of the season (I hope). The fall just isn’t my favorite time of year for beer. At least I’m thoroughly enjoying this last one.

Pumpkin Crop is a pumpkin lager, but frankly tastes like many other (good) pumpkin ales out there. It’s got all kinds of spice, including cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. It has the typical pumpkin flavor you would expect too. A really solid pumpkin beer, just nothing particularly unique other than the fact that it’s a lager.

Now I’m off to start watching the Game of Thrones series. Season 1, disk 1. My wife has read all the books, and I know nothing about the series. I’ve heard it’s awesome though, so here’s hoping!


Author: Joshua Dion

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