Magic Hat G-Thing

Magic Hat G-Thing

For the first time in what seems like months, I had absolutely no plans on a Sunday. Aside from a few chores, I spent the day soaking up football via The Redzone Channel. During the 1:00pm games there was a period where Redzone was showing the “8-box” – 8 games on the screen at the same time. It’s sensory overload in the best way possible.

Tonight I’m chilling out, still watching Redzone. It’s less exciting with only three games going, but I’m still in heaven. I’m pairing the games with a bottle of Magic Hat G-Thing. I received this with my quarterly (complimentary) media-pack from Magic Hat.

G-Thing, presumably named for the creepy looking gingerbread cookie man on the label, is a 5.7% ABV spiced/herbed beer. You can find the beer in Magic Hat’s Winterland seasonal mixed 12-pack. The beer is brewed with ginger juice, however the amount of ginger flavor isn’t as extreme as I expected it to be. If you’re expecting a heavy winter-warmer like experience, you won’t find it here. The body is light to medium and the flavors are predominantly sweet and spicy. I get ginger, clove and nutmeg.

At first I was honestly “meh” on this, however the more I drink and the more I think about it, I like that this is a winter seasonal that is relatively light and easy drinking. Not too shabby…


Author: Joshua Dion

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