Mystic Vinland Two

Mystic Vinland Two

The last couple of weeks I feel like I’ve been in a cycle of constantly trying to play catch-up on my beer reviews. In part it’s due to the fact that my evenings have been so busy that I need to stock-pile reviews of the weekend to ensure I have content for the week. The other cause is that I keep enjoying a lot of good beer on the weekends…a problem I enjoy having.

Tonight’s review and tomorrow night’s review will be catch-up from my weekend in Vermont. On Saturday afternoon I sat down to enjoy a couple of beverages, the first being Mystic Vinland Two.

Mystic Vinland Two is a Farmhouse/Saison style beer with an ABV of 7.3%. It’s the second in the Vinland series. I reviewed Mystic Vinland One a while back. The beer is brewed using yeast from “main lowbrush blueberries”. Don’t be confused – this isn’t a blueberry beer. The yeast come from blueberry bushes.

Mystic Two is bottle conditioned, meaning they leave yeast in the bottle, and also meaning that the beer is quite carbonated. When yeast is left in the bottle, it continues to “eat” the sugars, which in turn produces carbon dioxide (fizz).

I picked up traditional spicy saison flavors, but none of the peppery characteristics that I sometimes find (and dislike) in the style. In addition to spice, I get honey sweetness and distinct fruitiness. It carried a quite unique flavor profile that I struggle to describe adequately.

I enjoyed the uniqueness of the flavor combinations and consider this an excellent sipping beer.


Author: Joshua Dion

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