St. Feuillien Bière De L’amitie

St. Feuillien Bière De L'amitie

Last night’s evening of poker was quite successful. I didn’t win anything, but we had a great turnout and we drank a ton of delicious beer. Tonight I may be headed out watch the Bruins game, so I figured I better bang out a quick beer review before doing so.

The beer, St. Feuillien Bière De L’amitie, was the second beer that I was treated to at our recent trip to visit friends Adam and Elina. This 9.5% Belgian strong pale ale is a collaboration with the west coast Green Flash Brewery. Green Flash is known for its hoppy beer, so both Adam and I thought that this beer would pack both a Belgian and bitter punch.

Sadly, the beer was lacking any significant hops. Belgian flavors like cloves, coriander and other spice dominate. It was good, but both of us agreed that it wasn’t what we expected and that we probably wouldn’t buy it again given the $14 price tag.


Author: Joshua Dion

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