Switchback Dooley’s Belated Porter


Today my little brother Nick came over and helped us put up our Christmas tree. This year we significantly upgraded our tree. For the longest time (10+ years) we had a sad, skinny, sparse Charlie Brown looking thing. It was on its last legs, and so when trees went on sale this past January I scooped up an 8-full beast of a tree. We finally have something that looks great.

Nick & Josh Tgiving 2013 (1)

Switchback Dooley's Belated Porter

Tonight we’re relaxing and watching some TV while we enjoy the light of the tree. I just finished a bottle of Switchback Dooley’s Belated Porter. I picked up this bottle while I was in Vermont a few weeks back.

While the beer was good, it wasn’t particularly unique or interesting. As far as American Porters go, it was delicious and spot-on for the style. I picked up a ton of roasted coffee flavors and some hints of chocolate as the beer warmed. Other than that, there wasn’t much to say about the taste profile.


Switchback Dooley's Belated Porter

Author: Joshua Dion

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