Brash Droogs

Brash Droogs

Happy Sunday LIBA readers. It’s been a quiet weekend here in the Lost household. Other than briefly getting off our ass to work out, we spent all day Saturday on the couch, watching many episodes of Game of Thrones. Last night we went into Boston and saw my old high school friend TJ. It was great seeing him, his daughter, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s daughter. Today we went to church and then watched the Patriots come back to score two touchdowns with 2 minutes left in the game to beat the Cleveland Browns. An absolutely epic and historic win, which was tainted by a really bad call by the refs which probably handed the game to the Pats.

Now I’m sitting down to try out this Brash Droogs. Brash is contract brewed out of Ipswich, MA and Droogs is an American IPA.

The review is going to be short. The beer is incredibly hoppy, but not in a way I can enjoy. It’s another astringent grapefruit bomb. I do get a touch of tropical citrus also, adding some character. Given the flavor profile, serious hop heads should give it a go. Otherwise, I’d recommend you stay away.


Author: Joshua Dion

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